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The services provided at are strictly informational. Our goal is to take the effort and confusion out of a variety of MassRMV services. Each state has very different requirements and processes for renewing, replacing, and correcting your driver's license. has compiled all of this information into easy step by step guides to help ease this process. We are not affiliated with any government agency. All forms and information available in your download are also available directly from MassRMV here. We have just taken the time to consolidate it and make the process more simple.


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What we offer: is here to help you renew, replace, update or apply for a new Massachusetts Driver's License. You have two options to continue in this process:

1: Get started now with our step-by-step guide.


2: Visit a local RMV office in person, or go to an official site to complete the process without our assistance.

New Resident Massachusetts Driver's License Application

If you are a new resident to Massachusetts, you are required to surrender your out-of-state license and apply for a new Massachusetts Driver's License upon obtaining residency. To download our step-by-step guide for his process, Click Here.

Applying for a new Massachusetts Driver's License or Passenger Permit

In Massachusetts, anyone who has never been issued a driver's license must first be issued a passenger permit. The processes are slightly different for individuals under 18 and individuals over 18. Click Here to receive our step-by-step guide for Passenger Permit/Drivers License Application.

Renewing your Massachusetts Driver's License

Massachusetts requires that you renew your drivers license every 5 years. To make this process simple, Click Here to receive our step-by-step guide for Renewal of your Driver's License.

Replacing your Massachusetts Driver's License

It is required by law that any person operating a motor vehicle has their driver's license on their person. Avoid any hassle for not having your license and Click Here to find out more about replacing your Massachusetts Driver's License.

Updating your Massachusetts Driver's License

You are required to change the address on your Massachusetts Driver's License within 30 days of moving to a new address. To receive our step-by-step guide for how to change the name on your license, Click Here, or to change the address on your license Click Here.